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Dynamic business landscape and uncompromised demands of applications and users have driven dramatic transformation in IT Networking after many years of relative stability. Frequent changes in technologies are shifting networking from static Infrastructure to more agile, secured, future ready and hybrid-cloud infrastructure. This created un-precedented network management complexities that has become a growing concern for the enterprise.

Early Generation of SD-WAN providers were primarily focused on cost reduction via replacing MPLS with low-cost broadband.

Infinxt Next Generation SD-WAN handles data and network security with in-built NGFW, SLA based Application Performance Enhancement, Traffic Shaping, Multi/ Hybrid Cloud App aware routing, in addition to the traditional SD-WAN features.



If the compliance requirement urges the customer to host the solution in their own on-prem datacentre / IaaS, Infinxt is flexible to meet this requirement.


Infinxt provides its customers with reduced management overhead where the onus is on Infinity Labs to manage Cloud hosted controller and the customer needs to only manage their.