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16-11-2022, Small businesses have fewer internal resources than larger organizations to handle cybersecurity incidents, including malware attacks, ransomware attacks, and phishing emails. Business email compromise, malicious emails, and other cyber threats impact small businesses because hackers believe these clients deploy less adaptive controls.

Hackers and cybercriminals will focus their suspicious activity and phishing scams on small business accounts expecting fewer security measures and advanced cybersecurity solutions. By sending fraudulent emails to small businesses with less security, the hacker could compromise a critical host that could lead to access to larger enterprise organizations’ corporate networks within the supply chain. Other types of malicious activity include bad actors. Often, social engineering attacks will impersonate a large company and approach small business internal employees with requests for payment of an old invoice or maybe accessing a company executive’s email address.

To help combat the ongoing assaults against their attack surfaces, small businesses need to leverage the following security tips to help improve their security while reducing their costs:

  • Holistic email security architecture
  • Data and email retention policy
  • Email encryption and data loss prevention integration
  • Strong password and multi-factor authentication

Holistic security architecture
Gartner’s clients increasingly express frustration with the operational complexity of the modern security stack, specifically the on-premise and cloud-based email security platforms. Given human capital constraints to hiring and retaining qualified security teams, most organizations find efficient cybersecurity impossible. As such, there is an increased desire to consolidate security products into multifunction solutions with layers of security addressing a broad set of related challenges, such as securing “hybrid work” or “cloud workloads.”

Trustifi brought to the email security a comprehensive platform with a wide range of email security strategy capabilities tightly integrated into a single management console.

Through Trustifi’s holistic email security design, clients now could consolidate their email security into the cloud to all the needed adaptive controls into one platform and one low price.

Data and email retention
Leveraging data and email retention strategies helps reduce the attack surface. Small businesses can save on storage and operations costs by having fewer data.

Email automatic archiving is required for organizations that face any form of e-discovery for lawsuits. Several states, including California (CCPA), mandate organizations to retain copies of the email for legal discovery purposes. Clients leveraging Trustifi’s email archive will have full access to copies of messages for e-discovery to support retention management, chain-of-custody, complex searching, and data export to third parties.

Email encryption and data loss prevention integration
Many large enterprise firms leverage email encryption with DLP products to help prevent data exfiltration. Small businesses often lack the human capital to enable and maintain comprehensive email encryption and DLP solutions. Leveraging platforms like Trustifi with a one-click to encrypt mail makes the protection process much easier for the end users. Trustifi’s DLP solution integrated with email encryption also provided a one-click compliance management feature. This capability allows small businesses to comply with various compliance and privacy mandates with a single click.

A strong password with a multi-factor authentication strategy
Another essential security tip for small businesses is enabling a firm password policy and multi-factor authentication. The more complex the password and authentication strategy is, the likely the hackers will move on to another target. While a strong password strategy is excellent for protecting small business data information, creating too complex a password capability could frustrate the users and overwhelm the support ticket system. Using passwords with multi-factor authentication leverages one-time passwords, biometrics, and even challenge and reply tokens. If deployed correctly, this could help a small business protect its data while standardizing a universal authentication strategy across the company.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, small businesses struggled to expand their businesses while coping with increased taxes and regulations. Small companies face similar cybersecurity attacks from the same large organization. Ransomware, malware, email phishing attacks, and account over breaches happen in every organization regardless of size.

Enabling email encryption with DLP, leveraging a consolidated, holistic email security architecture, and a password with a multi-factor strategy will help increase email security protection. Leveraging a partner like Trustifi, the client receives all the necessary email protection controls at one low per user.

Trustifi is a cybersecurity firm featuring solutions delivered on software as a service platform. Trustifi leads the market with the easiest-to-use and deploys email security products, providing both inbound and outbound email security from a single vendor.

Trustifi cost savings for the small business
With Trustifi vendor consolidation and reduction of resource cost allocation, they align to the needs of the small business clients while not compromising on email protection.

Trustifi continues to add capabilities to its platform to help future-proof protection for its clients without adding additional complexity when enabling these new services.

Trustifi offers consolidated solution pricing to support the midsize marketplace. Trustifi requires fewer security operations, time allocation, and management resources. The solution is API-based, not an appliance requiring a complex re-configuration of your email flow. Trustifi installs in minutes and requires no maintenance or upkeep. Trustifi’s Email managed detection and response offers clients access to experts.