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keeping data in order

15-12-2022, Understanding what assets do you have and where you store them is fundamental. Chaotic storage of essential data or keeping it out of attention makes a data breach just a question of time. Zecurion DLP Discovery gives you the tools you need to find improperly stored sensitive files to act before your data is lost or stolen.

What does Zecurion Discovery do?

Discovery provides a full circle of activities to keep your sensitive data safe within your network or on endpoints. The Module’s operation can be described as four easy steps: find, classify, react and create report.

Zecurion Discovery detects data on an endpoint, and classifies it with 10+ proprietary technologies. Then, the solution checks whether storage policies are violated. If there are any problems, the software sends notification, transfers or even deletes information on the endpoint. Report on this case will be available in Zecurion Reports unified console.


How does this work?

Zecurion Discovery aggregates data from all sources – PCs, laptops, servers, external devices, storage. The Module can scan PCs and servers and supports an impressive set of content detection technologies, including templates, regular expressions and digital fingerprints.

Installation, analysis, risks detection and decision-making are easy thanks to unified policies and directories aligned with other DLP modules.

Zecurion Discovery setting tips

  • Scan all possible data storage locations, including endpoint agents. Make sure, that all data stored on endpoints is identified.


  • Customize frequency and units of Discovery scans to fit your specific requirements. Configure Discovery scans as often or infrequent as you like, and customize a schedule that is convenient for your organization. You can configure scans daily, weekly, or monthly and designate specific organizational units or endpoints to be scanned.


  • Analyze files in real-time as they are copied or saved to detect policy violations. In addition to scheduled scans, Zecurion Discovery can also analyze files in a real time as they are copied or saved to provide immediate detection of policy violations.


  • Appoint universal detection rules as DLP policies. Using all available content detection techniques and context rules, you can create universal DLP policies to make administration simple and straightforward.


  • Detect sophisticated threats with Microsoft Exchange scan, even if confidential information was saved in drafts but never sent. Zecurion DLP Discovery can help detect scenarios that may circumvent Traffic Control detection. If a malicious user creates an email with confidential information and saves it to the Drafts folder, then downloads the message from the Outlook web client and deletes it, it is never actually “sent”. Discovery will still identify this activity.


  • Alert users and security administrators when policy violations occur. Zecurion Discovery can send alerts directly to users and Security Officers when policy violations occur to ensure a fast reaction and quick incident response.