Go Beyond XDR

with Threat Detection, Response, Remediation, and Protection.

The only Cybersecurity platform you will ever need. Cloud Native, seamless, unified platform for businesses of all scales and sizes. Prevent a cyberattack even before it happens.

Many Solutions. One Platform.

BluSapphire solutions are built with one aim- to ensure you never have to suffer another cyberattack, or its consequences, ever again. Powered by Machine Learning and robust analytics to detect malicious behavior well in advance, and Artificial Intelligence capabilities to triage attacks across multiple data layers.

Talk to us about the best option for your business.

BluSapphire Elite

Go beyond XDR with one Cybersecurity solution addressing complete Incident lifecycle management

across varied organizations.

BluSapphire Advanced

Accelerate Cyber threat detection and Response capabilities across organizations with an XDR solution.

BluSapphire Basic

Build your organization’s cyber posture and have all compliance questions answered.

Not Months, But Hours

Reduce your organization’s cyber attack Detection & Response Times from several months or days to under a few minutes. Covered under a 99% SLA.

 Swift, automated and seamless onboarding

Achieve Gartner’s Level-5 SecOps Maturity Index in a matter of hours

Robust unknown threat detection

Mean Time To Detect < 3 Minutes with automated reverse engineering functionalities, powered by ML & Big Data analytics

Best-in-class cyber assurance

Mean Time To Respond < 2 Seconds with agentless threat response, remediation and live threat hunt automation

Ransomware will cost you a lot. BluSapphire doesn’t.

$620,000* Saved

In personnel costs, prevented downtime, cost of remediation, with proactive threat detection and remediation

400% ROI

In three years or less of switching to BluSapphire

99% protection

Against present and future threats, measured as our promised SLA

<2seconds MTTR

Faster response and remediation than it takes for you to say ‘threat’