brand protection

BrandShield – Your brand protection tool for detecting and removing frauds

BrandShield’s robust technology scans the internet, analyzes potential threats and detects phishing threats, online brand abuse, TM infringements and counterfeit sales. Our experienced and skilled takedown experts remove those threats relentlessly.

BrandShield’s brand protection tool enhances your protection outside your perimeter

BrandShield prevents, detects and fights online scams: phishing attacks, fraud, executive impersonations and more


BrandShield monitors and finds online phishing, impersonation, counterfeit sales, trademark infringement and brand abuse in multiple platforms.


Brand protection software guards against risks like product listings, websites, and social media that infringe on your intellectual property, sell counterfeit products and commit other online scams.

Major Online Brand Protection Damages


Counterfeit Sales

Counterfeit products deceive the consumer by copying the brand’s logo and design, and they are often of inferior quality.

Grey Market Sales

Genuine products being sold by sellers without the brand owner’s permission.

Trademark Infringement

Websites and social media pages can infringe on your trademark by posing as your company with its logo and a similar domain name.

Brand Abuse

Third-parties take advantage of your brand and IP to make a profit or damage your reputation.

  • Revenue loss
  • Reputation loss
  • Legal liability
  • Eroded pricing power
  • Decreased market share
  • Damage to distributor relations

Major Brand Protection Damages


Revenue Loss

Counterfeits, infringements, and brand abusers all steal revenue from your company. Shutting down rogue listings from counterfeits and grey-market sellers increases the visibility of your legitimate products, which can increase your ROI.

Reputation Loss

Lower prices from counterfeits and grey market products cause customers to question why your own prices are high in comparison. Customers of fake goods often blame the genuine brand for not protecting them against online scams.

Legal Liability

In many cases, a brand can be found liable if it did not carry out due diligence to protect consumers or educate them on counterfeits. Judgements can result in heavy penalties against manufacturers if counterfeit products cause injury or suffering.

BrandShield uses AI and machine learning to detect and take down infringements like counterfeits, grey market dealers, and brand impersonation with a success rate of over 98%. Save time with BrandShield’s takedown capabilities to remove volumes quickly and efficiently.