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Why Data Classification?

With data classification, you label your documents such as Word, PDF, or Excel according to their privacy or sensitivity level. Your labels can be Confidential/Private/Unclassified, or PII/Contract, or as appropriate for your needs. Endpoint protection (DLP) software provides more accurate protection by acting according to these tags. We offer precise data discovery and automatic classification to ensure a better data protection infrastructure.

Bulk Auto-Classification

Bulk classification enables you to label your data at rest. This process must be automated and accurate. High-Accurate Data discovery provides the necessary infrastructure for automated data classification. In this way, legacy files and your archive will be automatically classified. Thanks to automatic data classification, you detect data leakage risks at an early stage.

Desktop Classifier

The classification agent enables organizations to classify any kind of file in Windows Explorer, allowing the user, or system, to manually, or automatically. Data types like CAD, Video, Office, and others can be labeled

Our Differences

GEODI Classification solution provides an advantage with its automatic and bulk classification features. With classification rules based on semantic search and AI-based data discovery capabilities, the need for manual classification is minimal.

With a successful classification, your DLP solution works much more effectively. Compatibility with different DLP software solutions gives you significant flexibility while protecting your ROI.