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 Need to add introduction – DECE Software


We are a software house working on Enterprise Content Management, Big Data, and GIS.


Our AI-Based patented product GEODI accelerates digital transformation. Enjoy comfort by AI, like no manual data entry, auto GIS integration, smart search


Enterprise Search

A white-collar employee spends an average of 40% of her time searching for information. You shall save this time with enterprise search. Your decision-making processes will fasten up. Miscensures based on missing data will decrease, and you will be less affected by employee turnover. All the team members, including senior management and C-Levels, will search, access, take notes, and view the information 24/7 from desktop, laptop, or mobile devices concerning the authorizations. Enterprise search will be your critic threshold towards a paperless office.


Data Discovery

Data discovery unearths the hidden value of your data. Data Discovery helps organizations find and remediate Personal data for GDPR compliance, sensitive data for enterprise data security, currency expressions and financial data for PCI/DSS compliance, and more. A precise AI and NLP-based data discovery from structured and unstructured data results in low false positives&negatives rates. With

the Discovery reports and dashboards, your inventory and risks will unearth. The discovered sensitive and personal data can be a source for proper Data Classification and Data Masking.


Data Classification

With data classification, you label your documents such as Word, PDF, or Excel according to their privacy or sensitivity level. Your labels can be Confidential/Private/Unclassified, or PII/Contract, or as appropriate for your needs. Endpoint protection (DLP) software provides more accurate protection by acting according to these tags. We offer precise data discovery and automatic classification to ensure a better data protection infrastructure.


Data Masking

Data masking helps organizations hide the sensitive data within the documents. For example, ID Numbers, SSNs, or currency phrases disappear. With masking, your document sharing options will increase. You can anonymize a legal document and share it.


Data Analysis

Data discovery is the first step of data analysis. Data analysis provides results that you cannot find with traditional search methods. Reveals hidden information in hundreds of thousands, millions of documents with Map, Calendar, Network Graph, Heatmap and more. Data Analytics makes it easier for you to focus and make decisions.

Geo Enabled Enterprise Archive

The memory of institutions and organizations is the enterprise archive. The archive may be required for the operation of corporate processes and as a legal obligation. The corporate archive solution we offer works fully automatically with artificial intelligence. Does not require metadata (index field). Automatically finds file types. It recognizes geographic data and your archive becomes a GIS software. You can also create your own archive with GEODI Archive solutions.


Culture Portal and Museum Solutions

Bring valuable contents of your museum, institution, library or city to digital media with GAMOS. GAMOS Artificial Intelligence processes your existing data directly. It provides Smart Search, Mapping and Statistical information to the user. Automatically generates information such as Place names, Artists, Highlights, Faces in Photos and Videos.