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Why Data Classification?

With data classification software, you label your documents such as Word, PDF, or Excel according to their privacy or sensitivity level. Your labels can be Confidential/Private/Unclassified, or PII/Contract, or as appropriate for your needs. Endpoint protection (DLP) software provides more accurate protection by acting according to these tags. We offer precise data discovery and automatic classification to ensure a better data protection infrastructure.

DLP Integration

GEODI Classification solution works with known DLP solutions such as Forcepoint, Symantec, Safetica, Trend Micro, and Palo Alto. It can adapt to specialized labeling schemes that organizations may need. The creation of labels can be done quickly from the central management interface.

Exchange Server/Office 365 Classifier

OWA, Exchange Server, and Webmail users can classify outgoing e-mails automatically or manually.

Why Data Discovery?

Data discovery unearths the hidden value of your data. Data Discovery helps organizations find and remediate Personal data for GDPR compliance, sensitive data for enterprise data security, currency expressions and financial data for PCI/DSS compliance, and more. A precise AI and NLP-based data discovery from structured and unstructured data results in low false positives&negatives rates. With the Discovery reports and dashboards, your inventory and risks will unearth. The discovered sensitive and personal data can be a source for proper Data Classification(software) and Data Masking.

Our Differences

Thanks to Natural Language Processing, content such as a PDF, a scanned document, an excel report, a Social media message, or an e-mail is discovered with high accuracy. Your entire digital repository is covered. Not a single piece of data will be left out.

Artificial Intelligence-based discovery tools, beyond simple regex-based discovery, also automatically discover complex sensitive and personal data types such as Blood Types, addresses, Subjects, and Document Types with low false-positive/negative rates. You can also include face recognition from your video and photo library.

Data discovery and Enterprise Search occur together. Whichever solution you start with, you can proceed to the next solution with a modular structure

Manage Insider Threats


Average annual cost of insider threats

according to 2020 Cost of Insider Threats: Global Organizations report by the Ponemon Institute


Share of insider-driven data breaches

according to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon

Meet Compliance Requirements


Financial institutions were fined for data privacy breaches and violations in 2019


Share of breaches involving internal actors in healthcare organizations

according to the 2020 Data Breach Investigations Report from Verizon