Automate Process!

Ai (Artificial Intelligence) Enabled.

EZOFIS is a Digital Transformation Solution known for its simplicity and ease of use features for the robust automation of business applications. Starting a Digital Workplace is easy with EZOFIS. We use Ai to automate your paperwork by digitizing documents and workflow. EZOFIS seamlessly integrates with your workflow to improve efficiency and save costs.

As a Workflow Management Company, we provide consultation to many organizations on streamlining their business processes based on lean six-sigma methodology. We deliver tools and techniques, resources, and training courses to teams and individuals for workflow management certification.

How it Works?


Digitize paperwork, Automate e-Forms, e-Print documents, Capture emails and Extract DBs.


Read & extract contents, Auto classify, Collate files, Structure folders and Initiate workflow.


Create digital workflows, Track status, Set alerts, Collaborate, Generate reports and Monitor.


Store and retrieve, Distribute e-documents, Secure information and Comply to digital workplace.

Problems We Solve For Growing Organizations

A growing organization faces many challenges such as increased paperwork, difficulty tracking processes, issues losing files, securing critical info, creating scalable systems, and meeting regulatory compliance. EZOFIS(Digital Transformation services), as an Automation Management Company, can help in solving many of those by providing the platform, required tools, and techniques, and ongoing training.

Problems We Solve For Larger Enterprises

An enterprise organization strives to achieve a connected platform, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction, creating visibility in performance, eliminating manual tasks, optimizing resource-heavy processes, and ensure business continuity. EZOFIS(Digital Transformation Solution) as a Workflow Management Company can help achieve connected enterprise solution, process consultation as per lean six-sigma methodology, provide requires resources and workflow management certification.