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EN6200 – Next Generation Firewall
AAA Hotspot On Premise
HS5200 hotspot designed to provide authorized access to network and control of bandwidth for users. Bandwidth can be controlled by time based, data based and usage based. And all put together also. HS 5200 AAA hotspot supports both wired and wireless network simultaneously.Co-work with any brand Access Points. Support for integrating any SMS Gateway, Payment Gateway and Property Management Software (PMS).
VPN Concentrator
Tacitine VPN Solutions are cost effective way of securing and interconnecting Head Quarters with branches and off ice’s to data centers with 100% uptime. It enables seamless and secure remote access to CRM, ERP and Intranet applications. Tacitine VN 3100 Series are deployed across Banks, Financial Institutions, Corporate’s and Retail showrooms across the Globe.
NJ1000 – Small Factor Firewall / VPN (SF VPN/FW)
It works with any internet provider connection whether the IP is local IP or a public IP. Ability to failover the VPN between ISP links. Support both Wired and Wireless ISP links for Bandwidth Aggregation, Active-Active Load balancing and failover and comes with built in Domain filter to allow only specific domains on specific port numbers required for branch locations.
Bandwidth Aggregator
Tacitine BA2100 Bandwidth Aggregator increases your internet bandwidth and lowers your cost by combining multiple ISP connections into one. Your usable bandwidth is combined to total of individual WAN connections both upstream and downstream. The BA2100 supports Auto Load Balance, Auto failover between multiple WAN in addition to 3G/4G dongle support. BA2100 will dramatically lower your infrastructure cost and operational expenditure with its features.
Work From Home
Work From Home was not comfortable before TACITINE introduced the new TOW (Tally On WAN) technology. Now with TOW, you can work TALLY at your home almost at the same speed of working from your office Desktop. The best part of TACITINE TOW technology is NO need for additional licenses like RDP, CAL, Cloud or others. No need for any further investment on the servers. It’s just a matter of TOW enabled appliance with the reasonable speed of Internet bandwidth in your office. Later you can upgrade the same device as the world-class Information Security Firewall; its an added benefit comes at almost no extra cost.

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