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Security Awareness Training and Phishing Simulations

Cybersecurity awareness training gives employees the knowledge and tools to recognize, avoid and report cyber attacks and security incidents. Also known as security awareness training, this educational curriculum helps keep organizations secure by preparing employees for cyber attacks that make it past your technical controls.

Cybersecurity awareness training typically includes computer-based training modules covering common attacks and security incidents as well as phishing simulations to train employees to detect and report phishing attacks that reach their inbox.

Security awareness training built to educate & engage

Inspire lasting behavior change with security awareness training built to capture your employee’s attention and reinforce secure habits.

Choose from pre-built cybersecurity training programs with dozens of content styles or use built-in gamification strategies to make learning experiential, engage your employees and strengthen your cybersecurity culture.

Phishing simulations & training

Conduct anti-phishing education at the point of attack — the inbox. Send your workforce phishing tests to measure your risk, prepare employees for new attacks and deliver training the moment someone clicks a simulated phishing link.

Infosec IQ phishing simulations go beyond phishing awareness training by automatically serving custom education based on the simulated emails employees click and encouraging them to report suspicious emails to your security team.

Report on training success & prove compliance

We made it easy to measure the success of your security awareness program, track trends and identify knowledge gaps before breaches occur.

Want to track success at the region, department or employee level to identify top performers or address weaknesses? Assign assessments and view learner analytics to monitor individual risk or build rules to automatically enroll high-risk employees in supplemental training.

Automate your security awareness training

Running a security awareness program shouldn’t slow you down. It should leverage your existing solutions and equip you to take on your greatest security challenges.

With one-click campaigns and integrations with your employee management, training and security tools, Infosec IQ helps you automate, save time and position your team for success.

Browse 800+ security training resources

Browse our library of training modules, assessments, infographics, newsletter templates and more or preview our pre-built program plans equipped with everything you need to run an effective and engaging security awareness program.

Our in-house team of cyber experts and creative ninjas are at the cutting edge of adult learning. From gamified education and micro learning resources to in-the-moment training and more, Infosec IQ gives you the tools to make security education engaging, educational and — dare we say — fun.

Strengthen your cybersecurity culture

Your cybersecurity culture is one of the greatest reflections of your organization’s security practices and a top predictor of employee behaviors. Infosec IQ tools and training resources engage and empower employees to be active contributors to your organization’s security and build cybersecurity into your culture.

Infosec IQ makes it easy to measure your employees’ attitudes and perceptions towards security, quantify your cybersecurity culture and track changes over time.

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