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Protect your public digital assets and surface from cyber-attacks

Bespoke and curated Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

Protecting The World’s Leading Enterprise And Government Organizations

· Digital asset and footprint management

· Visibility into the threat landscape and criminal ecosystem

· Increase cyber resilience against attacks and threat actors

· Manage reputational risks from phishing and brand abuse

· Reduce fraud and revenue losses from cybercrime

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iZOOlogic is a specialist IT Security vendor providing Threat Intelligence and Digital Risk Protection solutions

Dark Web Monitoring services

Monitoring of the dark web is essential to combat the demands of emerging cybercrime and to bolster the layers of defense and fraud mitigation. iZOOlogic Dark Web Monitoring uses a suite of propriety services and techniques to monitor an evolving set of dark and deep web channels. iZOOlogic Dark Web Monitoring seamlessly integrates into the Data Loss Recovery and Incident Response channel to provide a comprehensive identification of compromised assets and fraud mitigations.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud prevention is a key focus of any cyber security program. Malware and phishing attacks represent the major threat against the online channel. Protection against malware is critical to protect the online transaction. iZOOlogic uses a layered approach to protect the endpoint from malware and provide an identification of infected Users. iZOOlogic will disrupt the criminal networks, provide threat intelligence before the phishing attacks through to protecting the end user account before theft occurs. Online fraud scams are getting considerably more innovative in imitating legitimate businesses to get your information.

Intelligent Platform

A propriety and scalable platform to provide actionable intelligence with an integrated global response

· Advanced machine learning and AI to detect and triage threats

· Frictionless deployment and end to end operations

· Suite of SIEM, SOAR data and response integrations






· Digital Asset Management – Discover the organization’s attack surface and manage associated risks and defense. Read More – https://izoologic.com/digital-asset-management/

· Threat Intelligence – Highly curated threat intelligence relevant to organization to empower real business decisions. Read More – https://izoologic.com/threat-intelligence-data/

· Threat Management – Identify and manage a broad range of cyber threats targeting the business. Read More – https://izoologic.com/incident-response/

· Data Loss Recovery – Recover compromised and leaked data in real time and from the dark web(monitoring services). Read More – https://izoologic.com/data-loss-recovery/

· Malware Protection – Identify sessions compromised by malware to mitigate against a range of fraud. Read More –  https://izoologic.com/malware-protection/

· Phishing Solutions – Propriety technologiee-protection/s that detect and respond to real-time phishing events. Read More – https://izoologic.com/anti-phishing/

· Brand Protection – Identification and response to a variety of Trademark and brand infringement. Read More – https://izoologic.com/brand-protection/

· Policy Enforcement – iZOOlogic works within a legal framework to enforce the security policies of the business. Read More – https://izoologic.com/security-policy-enforcement/

· Risk And Compliance – Reduce reputational and transaction risks and maintain regulatory compliance. Read More – https://izoologic.com/risk-and-compliance/