Network Access Control

Portnox Network Access Control & Security doesn’t have to be hard

Introducing Portnox Cloud-Native Access Control (NAC), Powerful Zero-Trust Network

The first line of defense against cyber threats targeting distributed workforces & expanding networks.

Is your network security team overworked & understaffed? We get it.

Built for agile, resource-light IT teams, our cloud-native network access control and endpoint security solutions promote productivity and peace of mind by eliminating:

  • Set-up & deployment challenges
  • System maintenance like upgrades & patches
  • Hidden costs along the way

Our unique suite of SaaS security products helps you take the work out of network security so you can sleep soundly at night and tackle other IT priorities by day.

Portnox never rests. So you can.

Outsmart hackers with network and endpoint security essentials that are always on alert to prevent costly cyberattacks and keep operations intact.

Sleep well, we’ve got you covered.


  • Endpoint Discovery
  • Cloud RADIUS Services
  • 1X Authentication
  • Post-Connect Authorization
  • Device Visibility Reporting


  • On-Boarding Services
  • Guest & Contractor Access
  • Certificate Authority Services
  • Device Provisioning
  • BYOD & IoT Profiling


  • Network Access Control
  • Network Device Control (TACACS+)
  • Endpoint Risk Posture Assessment
  • Proactive Device Remediation
  • Compliance Checks


  • Active Directory Plugins
  • MFA, MDM & SIEM Integrations
  • RESTful API
  • Firewalls & Antivirus
  • Hardware Agnostic