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Stopping 99% of phishing attacks missed by other email security solutions.
Outbound Shield™
Powerful and customizable rules engine combined with advanced data-classification, AES-256 Encryption, DLP, and compliance management
Protect Your Organization from Accidental Data Leakage.
Inbound Shield™
Multi layered, AI-based email protection against the most sophisticated phishing, ransomware, BEC/VEC attacks, SPAM and GRAY emails.
Trustifi’s Inbound Shield imposes a layer of protection between your email system and the outside world. Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and dynamic engines, Inbound Shield readily identifies and blocks suspicious inbound emails. In addition to scanning and eliminating malicious content, the Inbound Shield looks for a host of anomalies, including:
Account Takeover Protection
AI based technology gives admins visibility into all suspicious activity. Immediately detect, block and neutralize compromised accounts.
Email Managed Detection and Response
Leverage our specialized team of dedicated email security experts to manage threat response and serve as an extension to your IT/Sec departments
Easily preserve, retrieve, search, and share all email communications in a secure manner with a next-generation eDiscovery for a single-point-of-truth
Email Security Awareness Training
Empower your team to proactively combat email threats with easy-to-launch phishing simulations and assessments

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