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ProPHISH is a highly effective simulation-based platform to help identify, train and then assess the employees who are susceptible to targeted phishing attacks. Hence, strengthening the weakest link in your organization.
We understand the need of tailor-made (personalized) interactive learning and awareness content and have built a repository of awareness materials including videos, posters, newsletter that will cater to the security awareness needs of all organizations.
ProLMS helps you build, track and manage customized training programs for your employees/external parties, for an organization wide awareness drive. ProLMS products can be used to manage individualized training programs for onboarding, development, and compliance training purposes.

Organizations use ProLMS to assign courses to employees or end users, track learners’ progress and take assessments. These courses can be created using built-in features in the LMS or a separate course authoring software.
ProPatrol helps you centralize your suspicious mail reporting system. ProPatrol can be used to track and analyse such incidents. Organizations use ProPatrol to standardize their phishing email handling system as it specifies which team/personnel is responsible for taking care of such incidents-hence, avoiding any confusions or mishandlings.

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