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Insider Threat Management Software: Detection, Prevention & Monitoring
Ekran System is universal enterprise insider threat management software that meets the full spectrum of security needs on all kinds of infrastructure nodes, from desktops to jump servers. The platform combines robust insider threat detection technology, including comprehensive activity monitoring and alerting functionality, advanced access management and identity control toolset, manual and automated incident response, and powerful reporting. This makes Ekran System a one-stop solution to implement your insider security policy
Security Incident Investigation Solution
Ekran System provides you with simple yet powerful tools to investigate security incidents such as data leaks, fraud, and other potentially malicious activity inside your perimeter. Being a universal insider threat protection platform, Ekran System can help you quickly investigate security incidents. Whether you need to investigate employees, audit third-party contractors, or research backdoor user accounts, Ekran is the tool for you.
Insider Risk Management Solution
Ekran System is a full-cycle insider risk management platform providing a wide variety of tools for detecting abnormal behavioural patterns as well as deterring and disrupting malicious insider activity. With insider threats becoming more frequent and detrimental, it’s daunting for companies to ensure the safety of internal systems and data while establishing effective cooperation among all contributors.
Employee Monitoring Software
Monitor employee activity in real-time and enable your security officers to watch an ongoing session without disturbing an employee. Audit employee activity and performance in real-time or in retrospective. Employee monitoring is critical due to the significant role of the human element in data breaches. Employee monitoring software enables proactive insider threat detection and mitigation by exposing negligent behavior and malicious activity among your staff and third parties.
Third-Party Vendor Security Monitoring Software
Ekran System meets all of a company’s needs by setting up third-party vendor security monitoring processes. The solution can be easily deployed on critical endpoints, providing visibility with the help of detailed video logs of any SSH and RDP sessions by third-party service providers. You can configure Ekran System to record sessions by all users or only sessions by selected usernames or IP addresses, allowing you to focus on 3rd party monitoring. Due to the typically escalated privileges of such third-party providers, MSP monitoring software and third-party security monitoring services must provide a comprehensive set of privileged user activity control features.
Privileged User Management and Monitoring
Privileged users know the ins and outs of your systems and can abuse their privileges without being noticed. Privileged accounts are also the primary targets for external attackers. Intruders who have access to privileged accounts can easily bypass security precautions and hide any traces of malicious activity.

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