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Your data is your power, and it needs to be protected

Bespoke and curated Threat Intelligence and Incident Response

Anti-Phishing and Anti-Rogue

TechOwl Shield employs machine learning to detect and mitigate phishing and rogue activities across emails, websites, and mobile apps. It promptly alerts you of potential threats to your brand and quickly removes confirmed dangers to secure your digital presence. Additionally, it offers educational resources to increase user awareness of such threats.

Darkweb Monitoring

Enhance your security with Darkweb Monitoring, which includes continuous deep web scanning for threats related to your brand, early detection to preemptively address risks, and real-time alerts for data breaches. It also automates risk assessment and reporting, ensuring timely and prioritized responses to potential threats.


Self-Healing enhances your digital brand’s resilience with continuous automated monitoring and immediate corrective actions. It automatically deploys fixes and patches to address vulnerabilities, learning from past incidents to strengthen future security. This system also provides detailed performance metrics, helping to ensure minimal downtime and maintain consistent service availability.

Attack Surface Monitoring

Attack Surface Monitoring offers a 360-degree view of your digital infrastructure, identifying security gaps through regular vulnerability scans and threat correlation. It alerts administrators in real-time to new vulnerabilities, enabling swift action. Efficient patch management further strengthens your cybersecurity posture.

Digital Risk And Compliance

Digital Risk Management involves a holistic assessment of your digital landscape, identifying risks from data breaches to compliance violations. It offers actionable mitigation plans with encryption and data masking for enhanced security. This service includes financial impact analysis for better decision-making and ensures ongoing protection with real-time monitoring and adaptive risk management strategies.

Threat Intelligence

Threat Intelligence uses AI-powered analytics to quickly identify and predict cyber threats, enabling prompt and precise responses. It employs forecasting models to anticipate future attacks, customizes alerts to match your organization’s specific needs, and integrates intelligence from various sources for a thorough security analysis. This approach allows for alert prioritization based on threat severity and impact.

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