anti spoofing

DMARC policy

A DMARC policy is the value specified by the p= tag inside a DMARC record. It has 3 modes: none, quarantine, and reject. Email servers rely on it while processing an inbound email.

DMARC is necessary for any business that care about their email deliverability, mail domain security, and brand reputation, be it big or small.

We assume that the sender is an illegitimate one. In this case, simply turn on p=reject in your DMARC record and emails from that particular sender will be rejected. If you have set up SPF/DKIM for that sender before, make sure to clear the settings too, so that the emails won’t pass SPF or DKIM.

Active Domain & Passive Domain

Active domains are domains from which emailing is happening actively, however, passive domains are domains that are reserved by an organisation for future usage and there is no mailing happening from these domains at present.

ProDMARC works at DNS level. Irrespective of the mailing application(s) it will work.

DMARC plays an important role in terms of validation of incoming emails, so if an incoming email is suspicious/impersonated email it will solve that problem, however, if it is an email which has been sent from a genuine domain (eg :- marketing email) then it will pass.

There is a slight likelihood the receiving organisation might not have deployed any authentication mechanism for incoming emails and in such case DMARC validation will not happen, however, considering the current situation – by and large most of the organisations do validate incoming emails.

anti spoofing

ProDMARC does not receive any sensitive information. The data received is meta data.

O365 helps an organisation in performing incoming DMARC validation on inbound emails, whereas ProDMARC helps in protecting a mail domain from spoofing / impersonation / unauthorised usage i.e. outbound email communication.

Incorporated in 2017, Progist is headquartered in Mumbai. It was incorporated by veteran cyber security experts with decades of hands-on experience in the information security and information technology space.

ProDMARC is the first DMARC solution provider based out of Asia, with a highly mature platform, assisting several critical sector organizations. It processes almost 7-8 billion emails in a month (as of Q1 CY2023) with a customer retention rate of 99%. Our key teams in Progist have hands-on experience in the information security and information technology space.

Auto-classification of legitimate email senders from OnDMARC’s growing database of 500+ sources means the average time to enforcement is just 4-8 weeks.

Manage SPF, DMARC, DKIM (and soon BIMI) from right inside OnDMARC’s interface. No need to keep going back to your DNS provider.

OnDMARC’s threat intelligence automatically identifies threats, and explains why, to help you block them faster.

With OnDMARC you can simplify your SPF journey, break free from the SPF 10 lookup limit and be confident your mail is automatically authenticated.