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Email Security That Is Easy To Deploy, Uses, And Manages

Best email encryption software, Customize complete email security and compliance solution for your whole organization in minutes.

Outbound Shield

Get peace of mind knowing that emails are automatically sent securely and compliant with easily-enabled Data Classification and Data Loss Prevention rules. Implementation takes minutes with аutomated integrations for Microsoft Office 365, Exchange on-premise, and Google Workspace.

1. Best Email Encryption Software

If your organization regularly uses email to send and receive personal information or sensitive data, it’s critical you have a secure email encryption solution in place.

Trustifi provides AES-256-bit encryption, giving end-to-end protection for email messages and ensuring all email data is completely protected from malicious third parties.

2. Data Loss Prevention

A sophisticated yet easy to manage system containing a set of rules and policies allows administrators to make sure sensitive information is always sent securely, even if the sender forgets to manually apply encryption.

Trustifi’s powerful data sensitivity, detection classification and scoring algorithms scan outbound email content in real-time looking for sensitive information, then encrypts it.

3. Compliance Management with One-Click Compliance

The One-Click Compliance™ tool allows administrators to easily set the platform to screen emails to automatically comply with a list of more than 10 regulatory compliance guidelines.

4. Tracking & Postmark Proof

All emails sent with Trustifi are tracked so senders have real-time knowledge of when and where the email was opened and read, which files were downloaded, which links were clicked, and more information.

Applying Postmark to an email creates a unique digital signature that can be used as legal proof that an email has been delivered to a recipient and read by them.

5. Secure Storage and Back-up System

Email attachments and email message-content are encrypted by Trustifi using the AES-256 bit algorithm with the user’s secret key, which is securely stored in a separate encrypted database.

With the back-up system, users can always review sent emails and send new ones even if their email service is down.

6. MFA Methods for Recipient Authentication

Аn innovative approach to encryption, enabling the use of multi-factor authentication to ensure that emails are kept fully secure and can only be accessed by their intended recipients.

Inbound Shield

Keep your organization safe from targeted threats with powerful multi-layered scanning technology. Deeply analyze, detect, and classify the most advanced Phishing, Malicious, SPAM and even Gray emails.

Account Compromise Detection

AI Engines monitor user email behavior to detect anomalies in variables such as volume, context, devices, geo-location, type of sent emails, and more to detect and alert when a user’s mailbox has been compromised.