Strong Authentication for Uncompromised Security

WALLIX Authenticator offers strong, multi-factor authentication to protect access to IT, applications, and data, with a high-security connection wherever you are.

Zero Trust Security

The zero-trust principle requires proof of identity to enable access wherever you are. Prevent unauthorized access, reduce data breaches, and mitigate the risk of lateral movement to protect the entire IT environment without any technical constraints for users.

Privileged Account Password Management

Regain control over access to critical IT assets by managing password complexity, security, and rotation, guaranteeing that passwords can no longer be shared or stolen.

With the WALLIX Bastion Password Manager, manage system passwords in a consolidated vault to simplify IT super administrators’ access and control over credentials.

Innovative Least Privilege Endpoint Security

Eliminate the need for user accounts with elevated permissions thanks to innovative endpoint privilege management. Achieve unparalleled security across all endpoints with permissions controlled at the application and process level – without impacting user productivity.

Powerful Secrets Management

• Enforced credential complexity ensures critical systems’ credentials meet strict password criteria
• Automated rotation of passwords routinely, after use to stop breaches with shared or hijacked passwords
• Store secrets in a highly secured vault
• Eliminate generic Admin and Root passwords shared and used by anyone

Protect vulnerable endpoints

Block ransomware, malware, and crypoviruses from entering your network, even when users hold elevated privileges. Control privileges at the application and process-level and stop encryption operations with innovative endpoint protection technology