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CyberDisti is a Value-Added Distributor (VAD) of Network and Cyber Security products, headquartered in UAE with offices in Dubai and Kerala(Kochi), India region. CyberDisti continually reinvented itself to stay a step ahead of the often unpredictable and highly demanding IT industry. CyberDisti has established itself as a regional player and a leader in the Network and Cybersecurity Industry.

Now a days, the world is more reliant on technology than ever before, and this trend is going to increase in the coming years. The truth is that everyone uses computer systems on a daily basis, whether they are individuals, small businesses, or giant multinationals. We now have a wide range of possible security risks that weren’t present a few decades ago when we combine this with the rise in cloud services, poor cloud service security, smartphones, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Theft of information or data leakage is the most expensive and fastest-growing type of cybercrime. Everyone needs to be aware where we are entering because of the cyber-attacks, ransomware attacks, cybertheft, phishing and data leakage is common everywhere. It’s not a crime to hack! But is it? It’s according to the cap you are wearing, obviously. In today’s world the protection of data privacy and security requires strong network and cyber security, infrastructure protected with Cyber Security solutions. To make everyone hyper-aware and secure of all potential cyber-attacks on your network and business, CyberDisti is here to solve the problems of cyber security   and help to keep your secrets as your secrets.

CyberDisti is a Value-Added Distributor (VAD) of Network and Cyber Security products and services. CyberDisti is top network and cyber security company in Dubai, UAE and Middle east and a well-known organization for cyber security. It has more than 150+ channel partners that make up a strong partner eco system for CyberDisti. Through partnerships with major technology leaders, CyberDisti continues to bring value to the vendors’ offerings through pre- and post-sales services. For this reason, a wide network of resellers, companies, and vendors around the area choose CyberDisti as their trusted partner of choice. CyberDisti provides various types of Cyber Security solutions like Best Email Security, Anti-Spoofing, End Point security, Digital Risk & Brand Monitoring, Manage of SOC, SIEM and NOC, Backup, Firewall, File Server & Active Directory Auditing, Software of Employee Monitoring, tool for Network Monitoring, Asset Management & Patch Management, Document Management, Data Leakage Prevention, Web Application Firewall(WAF) & WIFI Management System.


Leading Vendor's

Partnering with major leading technology vendors,CyberDisti continues to value-add the Vendor’s offering through pre-and post-sales services and here’s why CyberDisti is the trusted partner of choice by an extensive network of resellers, businesses and vendor’s across region.


Satisfied Customers

Channel Partners drive a significant amount of CyberDisti’s sales. The company has over 150+ partner companies who are the primary channel for much of our business. They work with prospects who need solutions to protect their data.


Our Greatest Assets

CyberDisti has gained a strong foothold in several highly demanding industries namely the Financial Services Sector where Data Protection is a key competitive edge for the businesses, the Telecommunication sector which is a critical information infrastructure and also the Public Sector where highly secure and protected environment is required to protect governmental classified information.

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