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Elevate your business to new heights with our comprehensive cloud computing and network security solutions. From seamless migrations to advanced virtualization, we empower you to harness the full potential of the cloud, ensuring unparalleled network security and efficiency. As a leading cloud computing and network security company in Middle east, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital era.

Our expert team combines decades of experience with innovative solutions, providing seamless cloud deployments and robust network defenses. From strategic planning to responsive incident response, we are your trusted partners in securing the future of your digital assets. Elevate your business with CyberDisti – where excellence and security converge.




Detection, Defense & Response

Discover unparalleled data security with XDDR. Our cutting-edge eXtended Data Defense and Resilience (XDDR) solutions redefine the standards of protection in the digital landscape. Seamlessly integrating advanced encryption, real-time threat detection, and resilient data management, XDDR safeguards your critical assets with precision.



Anti-Ransomware Solution

Our cutting-edge technology detects and neutralizes ransomware threats before they can harm your valuable data. With real-time monitoring, advanced encryption, and proactive defense mechanisms, our solution is your frontline defense against the growing menace of ransomware attacks. Ensure the integrity of your digital assets and maintain business continuity with our robust Anti-Ransomware solution.


Continuous Threat Detection

Threat hunting & detection

Stay steps ahead of cyber threats with our Continuous Threat Detection solution. Powered by advanced machine learning and real-time analytics, we provide constant surveillance, identifying and neutralizing potential threats before they can impact your systems. Our proactive approach ensures that your digital environment is secure around the clock.


Secure Internet Access

Keeps data & applications safe

Experience a new level of online security with our Secure Internet Access solution. We provide a fortified gateway to the digital world, ensuring that your internet access is not only fast and reliable but also shielded against cyber threats. Our advanced encryption, threat intelligence, and content filtering mechanisms guarantee a secure browsing experience for your organization.


Application Containment

Counter rogue applications

Take control of your digital environment with our Application Containment solution. Designed to enhance security measures, our advanced containment technology isolates and controls applications, preventing potential threats from spreading. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your critical assets are shielded within a secure containment framework.




Sangfor Next Generation SD-WAN

Revolutionize your network connectivity with our Next-Generation SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) solution. Seamlessly integrate and optimize your network infrastructure with advanced features such as dynamic traffic management, enhanced security protocols, and unprecedented flexibility. Our Next-Generation SD-WAN empowers your organization with unparalleled agility, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.


Sangfor PaaS Solution

Unleash the power of Platform as a Service (PaaS) with our cutting-edge solution. Elevate your development and deployment capabilities by leveraging our scalable, ready-to-use platform. Streamline your application lifecycle, from coding to testing to deployment, with efficiency and ease. Our PaaS solution empowers your team to focus on innovation, leaving the infrastructure complexities to us. Transform your business with agility and speed – embrace PaaS for a seamless and accelerated development journey.


Traditional Enterprise Applications

Experience reliability and familiarity with our suite of Traditional Enterprise Applications. Designed for stability and efficiency, these time-tested applications seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure, providing a robust foundation for your business processes. Our traditional Enterprise Applications ensure smooth operations and proven functionality, allowing you to focus on what matters most—your business success. 


Sangfor NG-CDI

Our NG-CDI solution redefines the landscape of cybersecurity with cutting-edge technologies and intelligence-driven defense mechanisms. Leveraging advanced threat detection, real-time analytics, and proactive incident response, NG-CDI provides a comprehensive shield against evolving cyber threats. Elevate your cybersecurity posture with our Next-Generation Cyber Defense and Intelligence solution 


Sangfor Hybrid Cloud

Seamlessly integrating the scalability of public cloud with the control of private infrastructure, our Hybrid Cloud empowers your business with flexibility and efficiency. Enjoy the ability to scale resources on-demand while maintaining critical applications in a secure on-premises environment. Harness the power of choice and optimize your IT infrastructure with a Hybrid Cloud solution tailored to your unique business needs.


Disaster Recovery Management

We offer a comprehensive and strategic approach to safeguarding your critical data and systems. From real-time backups to swift recovery protocols, our disaster recovery management ensures minimal downtime and data loss. Be prepared for the unexpected and secure the resilience of your business operations with our robust Disaster Recovery Management solution – because in the digital age, preparedness is paramount.