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Phishing Simulator

Phishing, a social engineering attack, involves fraudsters manipulating victims into divulging confidential information (passwords, account numbers, proprietary data, etc.), usually via deceptive emails. Keepnet Phishing Simulator allows you to gauge your security culture with AI-powered 1600+ ready-to-test phishing scenarios in 160+ languages and trains your employees to identify and respond to these attacks.


Key Features of Phishing Simulatior

1  Creating Advanced Campaigns and Customization

  • Seamless Phishing Simulation: No whitelisting is needed, creating phishing simulation emails directly in the user’s inbox.
  • Realistic Phishing Scenarios: Includes MFA-themed, Data submit, Attachment, and Click-only phishing templates.
  • Customizable Phishing Templates: Helps customize various templates to simulate different phishing attacks.
  • Custom Domain Usage: Allows custom domains for scenarios tailored to specific languages and cultures.
  • SSL-Enabled Phishing Domains: Uses secure SSL-enabled domains in phishing scenarios.

2 Comprehensive Reporting and Integration

  • Automated Reporting: Detailed insights into employee performance or incorrect behaviors.
  • Accurate Click Reporting: Filters out false clicks from automated security tools like sandboxes.
  • BI Tools Integration: Supports PowerBI and Qlick integrations for enhanced reporting.
  • API-Driven Platform: Fully API-driven for easy integration and task automation.

3 Continuous Improvement and Global Support

  • Integration with Keepnet Solutions: Works seamlessly with other Keepnet security awareness solutions like Awareness Educator or Phishing Reporter.
  • Multilingual Support: Offers content in multiple languages for international organizations.
  • Continuous Improvement: Regular updates to keep up with the latest phishing tactics and techniques.