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Cloud-Native Network Security, SaaS Delivered

Secure Cloud Access On Any Device, On Any Network,
From Any Location, On Any Cloud

  • iboss’ Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) fabric provides ultra-fast, secure connectivity for all users, devices and cloud workloads, wherever they may reside
    • Cloud-native network security, SaaS delivered on a containerized architecture for high performance, low latency, data isolation, and granular usage and performance monitoring capabilities
  • Microsoft Azure + iboss cloud provides a turnkey SaaS-delivered network security platform that eliminates traditional network security appliances such as firewalls and proxies
  • Superior containerized architecture ensures that every capability found in network security appliances, on-prem or cloud, can be instantly SaaS delivered reducing complexity, cost and time to value
  • Mature and massive global SASE footprint to directly compete and win against Zscaler or any entrants into the SASE market
  • Powerful combination of Azure Active Directory + iboss cloud security would enable Zero-Trust and ZTNA implementations by combining Azure identity with conditional access based on user role
    • Seamless implementation of the zero-trust framework with no disruption to existing workflow; critical for today’s remote workforce
    • Ability to manage conditional, secure application access based on identity and user context, such as date/time, geolocation, and device posture
    • Inline proactive Gen-3 CASB and Data Loss Prevention
    • Real-time logging with direct integration into Azure Sentinel to deliver direct network security intelligence

Extend Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS)

Achieve Best In Class Application Visibility And Control
 With iboss Cloud CASB + Microsoft Cloud App Security

  • iboss cloud CASB is fully and natively integrated with Microsoft Cloud App Security to seamlessly protect cloud application access by users from any location, providing real-time, inline advanced CASB capabilities
  • Protect data in transit as it moves between users & the cloud, as well as data at rest within the cloud via the combination of iboss CASB + MCAS
  • iboss cloud prevents the use of unsanctioned applications by automatically syncing policies & signatures from MCAS (e.g. iboss could leverage Microsoft tenant restrictions to prohibit access of personal cloud storage accounts)
  • iboss DLP policies transcend MCAS, automatically extending full data security capabilities into iboss cloud
  • Holistic application risk profiling, including compliance certification & cloud application usage reporting
  • Eliminates the need for log storage servers and virtual machines used for forwarding traffic to MCAS; iboss cloud automatically exchanges data and signatures with MCAS making it easy to transition from Netskope and other CASB providers by eliminating implementation overhead
  • Cohesively manage multiple separate policies across different platforms to enforce CASB controls for data in motion and data at rest with minimal operational overhead

Complete Data Isolation & Extensible Platform

Containerized Platform A Perfect Fit For the Federal
 Trusted Internet Connection (TIC) Program

  • Opportunity to expand Microsoft’s federal government business with a SASE network security platform that can deliver secure connections from anywhere with a secure containerized platform that offers complete data isolation from not only the outside world but also within the government
    • Isolates between divisions/branches, isolates decryption/private keys, etc
  • Containerized architecture and elastic horizontal scaling allows iboss to cohabitate inside of private federal clouds without reducing their security posture
  • Early win with a large-scale U.S. Air Force deployment

The Premier Global Secure Access Service Edge

Microsoft Azure SaaS-Delivered Cloud Security
 Powered By iboss’ Global SASE Platform

  • Immediately enter the SASE market with a mature, massive, global footprint and a turnkey SaaS-delivered modern network security offering
    • In the future, iboss can be embedded into Windows, offering users secure cloud connectivity, activated with the click of a button
  • iboss containerization allows for SaaS delivery of additional network security & malware engines within Azure, providing greater security, improving customer flexibility
  • Further commoditize telcos & ISPs by providing customers with secure connectivity irrespective of the underlying infrastructure (fiber, cable, 5G, etc)
  • A step ahead in the cloud infrastructure wars, further differentiating against AWS, GCP, and others by providing the ability to SaaS deliver ANY network security function such as next-gen firewalls, proxies, packet capture and log analytics eliminating any manual deployment or configuration which is necessary in other cloud offerings.
  • Drives Azure compute and bandwidth meters as the complexity related to configuring and deploying complex and highly scalable network security in the cloud is eliminated, reducing consumption friction. With increasing bandwidth and encrypted HTTPS traffic, more compute is necessary to apply the necessary network security functions for compliance and security.

Cloud Security For Azure Firewall Manager

Secure Network Traffic Leaving the Azure Edge for Microsoft Azure
 Connected Users, Devices and Servers

  • Azure Firewall Manager secures East-West traffic within Azure, which perfectly complements iboss’ ability to secure traffic entering and leaving the Azure edge to untrusted cloud destinations
    • iboss full proxy (content aware) inspection of files and cloud application traffic (including Man in the Middle decryption) dovetails with Azure Firewall Manager’s layer 4 firewall protection
  • As a certified Microsoft Trusted Security Partner, iboss can deliver instant, true SaaS Security for all Azure-connected users, devices, and cloud infrastructure
    • Eliminates the need to purchase and configure firewalls or proxies from Azure marketplace reducing purchasing friction and increasing resource consumption
    • All configuration & routing performed automatically by iboss, allowing instant protection for cloud assets without complex network configuration
    • Co-developed with Microsoft, iboss’ solution automatically configures, scales & provides turn-key cloud & internet protection for Azure, covering all internet-bound traffic leaving the Azure edge
  • iboss runs within Azure, which not results in better performance and allows for a more streamlined billing model

Zero Trust Network Access

Eliminate Overloaded VPN Connections, Reduce
 or Eliminate SD-WAN Appliances, And Provide Granular Access

  • Cloud application traffic from remote users is traditionally sent through slow and overloaded VPNs to provide network security for compliance, malware defense and data loss
    • Often results in slow connections or downed networks preventing users from working safely and effectively
    • Access is typically provided to the entire network as opposed to specific applications, resulting in excessive privileges, especially for users who only require targeted access to a handful of resources (e.g. contractors)
  • Leveraging iboss’ Zero Trust Network Access solution, users connected to the iboss SASE network security fabric are provided access only to specific cloud resources and applications rather than the full network, based on identity and user context (e.g. date/time, geolocation, device posture)
  • Reduces the risk of data loss and further segments the network by allowing users access only to specific resources and applications
  • Eliminates the need for slow and overloaded VPN connections and sends traffic directly from the users to the necessary cloud resources or applications
  • Branch office works can similarly access private resources and applications via ZTNA through the iboss security fabric, reducing reliance on SD-WAN appliances
  • True Zero-Trust/BeyondCorp model of secured access to any resource, anywhere

Natively Integrated Into Microsoft Ecosystem

iboss Is A Microsoft Trusted Security Partner With Extensive Integrations
 Into Azure, MCAS, O365, And More

  • iboss cloud is natively and extensively integrated with Microsoft, including integrations across M365, Azure, and MCAS, and more, resulting in more effective security wherever Azure points of presence are located
    • Azure: iboss cloud natively extends into Azure without any IT intervention and automatically manages all iboss cloud capacity within Azure
    • Azure Firewall Manager: iboss natively runs within Azure for better overall performance and a more streamlined billing model
    • Microsoft Cloud App Security (MCAS): iboss cloud CASB is fully and natively integrated with MCAS, automatically syncing data, policies and signatures
    • Virtual WAN (vWAN): iboss cloud is natively integrated into Microsoft vWAN allowing internet security to be applied to branch offices and creates the most robust secure SD-WAN offering
    • O365: iboss cloud works flawlessly with O365 and solves the complex security challenges associated with migrating on-prem email and applications to O365 by ensuring fast connections to O365 and Teams
    • Microsoft Intune: iboss agent can be easily deployed with Microsoft Intune or it can be built into Windows in the future
    • Microsoft Sentinel: iboss can easily integrate with Microsoft Azure Sentinel to provide real-time intelligence to security analysts
    • Azure AD: iboss can combine with Azure AD to provide zero-trust context-based policies
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